Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election Rant

Election season in our nation's glorious capitol has been a whole new experience for me. I'm mostly glad of two things: that the election is over and that I cannot see what anyone posts on Facebook anymore because my fanpage doesn't allow for it (seriously one of my best moves ever, by the way). 
If you are interested in politics and like to have debates with people about issues you care about, that's fine. Maybe you should move here because let me tell you, everyone on the Hill knows their stuff. And by stuff I mean names and facts and key issues in battleground states. Everyone goes out to watch the debates--something I tried to do once but couldn't because the crowd was so huge that there was no room--and everyone gives a shit. 
Initially, this is kind of cool. Being from good ole Potlatch, Idaho, I have not always been surrounded by people who know so much about what is happening in this country. So, I suppose in a way it's been good for me to be here; it's important to know what's going on in other states to a certain extent, as well as in the nation and around the world. However, I would rather be in the woods or the mountains or anywhere where there are not politically charged crowds. 
Let's face it--election season brings out the worst in everyone. And for what? I realize, of course, that people are obviously effected by decisions our government makes regarding war and healthcare, taxes and education, social justice, etc, etc. And that I probably just sound like an apathetic, embittered college grad who is fleeing the country regardless of leadership choices, but still. 
You know what matters more than who is president? Everything. Getting along with your loved ones, your family and friends who believe differently than you. Actually doing something tangible that will make a difference for the people and issues that you care about instead of posting pithy sayings on Facebook. 
You know what makes more of a difference for the 99 percent than protesting or "raising awareness?" Volunteering at a homeless shelter, helping a community garden that donates food to those in need, things that actually help other people. Are you against abortion? Maybe you should help at a crisis pregnancy center instead of protesting or bombing abortion clinics, because that doesn't help anyone. Are you concerned with global warming, with what is happening to our planet? Ride a freaking bike and be a wise consumer. Change your own lifestyle instead of protesting against your neighbors'. 
Sorry to those of you who actually do these things, this message is not for you. And sorry to those of you who are much more upset or concerned about local elections, because those do make more of a difference in my opinion. I'm not addressing you so much as people who get so focused on one person winning or losing that they lose sight of everything else. Are you really going to move to Canada if your candidate loses? Come on. It's one person, who has a lot of other people to answer to. Stop being so dramatic. Sure, if you're on one end of the political spectrum and he or she is on the other, it's gonna be tough for you to deal with that for awhile. But remember we all have to be able to work alongside people who don't agree with us because that's part of being a functioning member of society. 
Now then, let's talk about things like art, literature, music, and the human condition. Let's go outside and frolic and enjoy what we have. Let's just be people together. 

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