Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quito, Week Uno

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm thankful for my new home and the family here who have given me a warm welcome. 
This is the anniversary of my first week in Quito! I just got home from a very international Thanksgiving dinner at a hostel in downtown Quito, which, turns out, is run by a kid from Boise (and his friends). There were a handful of Ecuadorians, a Dutch couple, a Canadian, a few Swedes, a handful of Americans, and some I'm not sure about. We had awesome food and some very interesting conversations. I bonded with a girl from Ecuador who for some reason studied abroad in Wisconsin. I can tell we are going to be friends. And I hope she's okay with me trying out some awful Spanish on her...
Anyway, my first week has seemed like a month, but not in a bad way. I've met a few ex-pats and a few internationals through couchsurfing and I've managed to explore some of the city by myself and some with others. I started a Spanish class, which I desperately need, and I have a meeting tomorrow about a very part-time English teaching job. I'm also doing some writing and editing for my uncle. 
Turns out I live next door to the only independent theater in Quito, and they happen to be putting on a film festival this week. I've only been to one film, but still, I'm glad it exists and is right here. Score. 
Also, my casita is the nicest place I've stayed for a long time. I have a place to put my clothes, my own bathroom, and a kitchenette type of thing in here. The best part is that it's practically all windows and the light wakes me up each morning around 6:00am. Plus, I can look outside and see mountains. I love it! 
I did already get my first sunburn though, which is not as exciting. Also I haven't even tried jogging yet since it takes me forever to catch my breath when walking (9,000 ft.). This too shall pass. (Although not the sunburns, probably...I've been wearing 50 spf.)
Anyway, a blog update was maybe past due, so I thought I'd just write a quick one. I'll probably try to write more in-depth on little things in the future, rather than general news, but this'll do until I get my barrings down here.  

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