Sunday, January 20, 2013

No more [f]unemployment

My first two weeks of employment at Wall Street Institute have left me with little time to write blog entrees, partly because I am now also living and volunteering at a hostel. I have finished my training and have been teaching and being observed this week; next week I'll be all on my own with my official schedule set, which will be nice. 
So far, I enjoy my students but am struggling a bit with the company itself and its mission--as well as with my boss, who treats me like a child. 
At the hostel, I get to meet a lot of awesome travelers and get experience cooking for 10-20 people, as well as cleaning for them and stuff. It's a lot of work and a lot of learning how to do different things and being flexible, but I enjoy it. The best part so far is the people and the beautiful building/location in the Historic Center of the city: The worst part is that I hardly ever have a moment to myself. 
So, my funemployment is officially over, but I had a good run. And I'm still not paying rent--which means I've not paid rent since...May? Anyway, I'll of course be posting more updates about life in Quito and surroundings, but they will be less frequent until I can sort of catch my breath here. 
You can look forward to a nice long post about public transportation, Ecua-fashion, Wall Street Institute, and maybe a guide to hostel life. In the mean time, I thought I should just post something so that people know I'm still alive and well. 

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  1. So awesome! I'm going to be working at a hostel in Gernika in the Basque country this summer for two months ... living vicariously through your posts until then :) Be safe!