Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nesting Update

Since my last post, I've moved out of the hostel and into a little two bedroom apartment within walking distance of my university. It's northern Quito, which has very different feel than Centro Historico (where all of the buildings were incredibly old, with cobblestone streets, a bunch of little markets and vendors, historic churches and museums, and, well, crackheads.) Here, the streets are wider, the buildings newer, and the supermarkets and strip malls plentiful. 
I'm very glad I experienced life in Centro Historico, because it is what most people would call the "real Quito," where it all started. And, it's beautiful. But, it was time to quit the hostel and move closer to my university. I was getting so tired of working nights, even though I capitalized on them by wearing my tie dyed onesie to open the door for our new guests--and didn't always remember to close the butt flap. Still, there are only so many nights you can go without real sleep. Plus, this area is significantly safer. And now I don't have to take the Ecovia (bus) for an hour and a half everyday!
Anyway, I found this apartment through an Ecuadorian woman I work with at UDLA. We randomly took a cab together and she told me she used to sell Idaho potatoes in Miami. I KNOW. Weird. Turns out her parents have apartments here and I told her I was interested and one thing led to another and now I have a purple room with a view, a roommate (Canadian friend from the hostel who works as a translator), and a kitty (rescued by my roommate a few months ago). 
I am sort of nesting, which is odd but not really. I've always been a nesting type, it's just that living in a hostel for four and a half months isn't really conducive to that. Now that I have my own space, I feel so much more settled. I am fine with living out of a suitcase, but it's harder to do so when you have a fulltime job and are staying in one place. 
But, now I have a few kitchen items, a mostly-empty dresser/closet, and most importantly, a french press. I haven't been leaving the apartment that much lately because I prefer to stay here with Chifa (the kitty) and cook or clean the bathroom repeatedly. Yesterday I even had time to go for a run before teaching! 
I know this is temporary though; I'm not nesting in Quito, really, just in my apartment. Last weekend I went to visit some friends who are volunteering at a hostel in the middle of nowhere, the village of Isinlivi. It was gorgeous and reenforced by decision to leave (I don't know where to yet) when this semester is over. 
Centro Historico

New Town

Chifa being a weirdo with me in my purple room

View of Pichincha! (There is also a rooftop, with an even better view)

On the way to Isinlivi. 
Morning hike outside of the village.

View from the hostel.
Hostel cat.
Inside the hostel.


  1. Wow, Isinlivi is beautiful! That hostel looks amazing.

  2. That kitty looks like a swell companion. I request more photos of her!