Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peru in pictures

Updating my blog while traveling, WWOOFing, and just passing the time in Peru obviously proved too much for me, so I'm gonna do a couple quick and dirty updates on here now that I'm back in Quito (arrived early Friday morning) and before I leave for Colombia.
So, as far as touristy things in Peru, I did the standard Cusco, Machu Picchu, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, and Colca Canyon visits, with some stops here and there in between. I started writing a long and convoluted blog post about all of the places I saw and things I did but I got overwhelmed with it all. And so, an unorganized picture post, all photos stolen from my friend Kaitlyn.
On top of Huayna Picchu (the mountain you see in all the classic pictures of Machu Picchu) This was the best part of Machu Picchu by far, because they don't allow as many people up it and we went early in the morning and it was just stunning. 
The view from the guard tower. I was struck by the size of the ruins. I could have spent so much more time exploring, but there were lots of people and it was hot.  
We ran into a parade on our way from Cusco to Puno. 
Climbing out of a secret passageway in some Incan and pre-Incan ruins in Pukara.  
On a floating island in Lake Titicaca. This little girl was eating these reeds (called totora), which are also used to make the islands and boats. I tasted one. It was watery. Fun fact--there are Mormon floating islands! And when communities on the islands disagree, they just cut part of the island off and start a new one. Most consist of about ten families or so. 

On the real (not artificial) island of Taquile (in Lake Titicaca) it's traditional for men to knit. There was even a sign that said "knitting men."   
Kaitlyn and I jumped into the lake in our underwear. It was freezing. 
Sunset over Arequipa. These are out of order..

Looking down into Colca Canyon, watching for condors. Colca is the deepest canyon in the world--twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.
This is on the Paracas National Reserve. Red sand beaches with lots of cool birds.  Beautiful day biking and hanging out on the beach.
Kaitlyn on the reserve, taking a break from biking to dance. 
I couldn't say no to a picture with an Andean Eagle and a llama. 

Near Arequipa/Colca Canyon. These rock cairns are offerings to Pacha Mama (mother earth).  
Another ruin with some pretty cool water. It was called Tipon.
Looking down from Tipon. 

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  1. pics are really amazing ...seem's like you enjoyed alot, very nice place !!!